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  • Hello Albert- Our institution is OCC regulated. Pre-Pandemic we did go on site to the majority of our critical vendors to conduct on site reviews and found value in doing so. It is also a client confidence boosting best practice. Site visits ...

  • I agree with your assessment, site visits are not required by regulation and we do not require them to be completed as part of our standard risk assessment process. That being said we treat them as one tool in our tool kit the same as any ...

  • RE: Are Site Visits Necessary?

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous One way to filter on-site due diligence is to focus on your critical vendors. Another is by periodicity. But.....thinking that you'll never learn anything by going on-site is a mistake. ...

  • I want to solicit feedback from the group. This is a current hot-topic discussion at our institution. Our TPRM program conducts site visits of our critical vendors, and even some of our high-risk vendors; but no one here really knows why. ...

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  • Posted in: Contract Management

    We use Jaggaer. It's ok. When we did our RFP for a contract lifecycle management system, we started with the list from Gartner and narrowed down our scope based on budget and features. I remember being impressed with Icertis but the licensing ...

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