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  • Hi Kouadjo Bini, I wanted to comment on your question. I know you were looking to see what other financial institutions were planning to do for Cybersecurity Awareness month, but I wanted to ...

  • Hi Jeff, I apologize for that. It looks like the link expired. I've updated the link and you can access the Third-Party Risk Management Considerations on Overseas Vendors infographic by clicking ...

  • Thank you for the posting, yet the link does not work. Jeff

  • Posted in: Reporting

    We are currently going through a redesign of our report to the board. Board level KRIs include: 1. Number of critical vendors that have a residual risk higher than risk appetite. 2. Overdue ...

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  • Good Morning, I have a case where a department in my organisation want to do a trial on a web application. Do you do due diligence (SOC review etc....) Before the trial ? After they ...

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    RFP Software

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  • Community Update - 1,000 Members

    Hi Everyone, I want to share some very exciting news with you all. We have reached 1,000 community members! This is a milestone we’re very proud of and it’s all thanks to the fantastic third-party risk conversations you all are having every day. As always, please let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback on ways that we can improve the community. In the meantime, here are some links ... More
  • COVID-19 Resources Page

    Hi Everyone,   With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, organizations are implementing their pandemic plans, many employees are working remotely and changes in vendor management are rapidly occurring. In the industry, it has raised lot of questions about pandemic planning and best practices and reminds us no organization is immune to business impacting events. It’s important now more than ever to ... More

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  • Cybersecurity is front and center in today’s world, especially in these changing times. Many organizations are investing in their own cybersecurity programs, but often they forget to invest in understanding whether their vendors are doing the same by ensuring they have reasonable and acceptable security practices in place. Is your vendor prepared to prevent, detect and respond to a cybersecurity issue or event? Let’s review a couple things which will help you find out exactly that.
  • Looking for a sound business reason for third-party risk management? One of the best reasons is that it saves you money. However, proper third-party risk management, with the right tools and resources to assist, does way more than just save you money. There are a lot of other aspects of your organization it helps protect... like your reputation.