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Understanding all the terms and acronyms in third party risk can feel like learning a new language. We’ve got you covered with all the definitions for you to reference.

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An annual financial report that is produced by publicly traded companies and filed with the SEC.
Regarding risk, an organization that chooses to accept risk has done their due diligence and found the advantages of outsourcing a product/service outweigh the disadvantages.
In cybersecurity, this is when there is a pathway to capitalize on a network vulerability.
Typically, the ALJ offers rulings in disputes between banks and regulators.
The national professional organization of certified public accountants in the United States.
Yearly percentage rate on a loan.
The rate of return on a savings account or investment. This does consider compounding interest.
Refers to laws, regulations and procedures enacted to prevent someone from illegally obtaining funds and saying its income.
Stands for application programming interface and means data can be easily extracted out of one software and imported into another.
Stands for application programming interface specification and includes the requirements or plan regarding how an API should look in order to work.