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Videos are a powerful way to learn - our brains especially love visual material. In these short videos, we will cover popular third-party risk topics to help make third-party risk easier to comprehend and understand.

7 Steps of Risk-Based Vendor Due Diligence

Not all vendors have the same level of risk. Risk-based vendor due diligence can save your organization time and resources in your vendor risk management program. This informative video explains the 7 steps.

9 Steps to Creating an Effective Third Party Risk Program

To protect your organization, you need an effective third party risk management program. Watch this 90-second video to learn 9 steps to take in order to create a third party risk program. 

9 Tips for Successful Vendor Contract Management

If you improve how your organization manages the process of vendor contract management, it will help you clearly define vendor expectations and responsibilities. Watch this 90-second video to get a fast overview and best practices.

Third Party Document Collection Best Practices

Due diligence is another term for third party document collection. It's a very critical activity in third party risk management to ensure a vendor is a safe match. Watch this 90-second quick overview of best practices for third party document collection.

Pre and Post-Contract Vendor Due Diligence

You should be conducting due diligence both before and after you sign a contract. Learn the different due diligence items to be requesting from your third party vendors by watching this 90-second video.

Managing Third Party Risk

When you outsource a product or service, you're adding risk to your organization. By managing the risks, you can protect your organization. In this 90-second video, you will learn about the different phases involved in vendor management. 

3 Questions to Determine Critical Vendors in Third Party Risk Management

An important part of the third party risk process is determining who your critical vendors are. Learn the questions to ask yourself in order to figure out which of your vendors are critical by watching this 90-second video.