Getting Started

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It's easy to get started with the community. Once you have registered and created your login, make sure to read our 5 Quick Steps to Getting Started. 

If you have any questions, you can refer to the community FAQ page or through the Contact Us page.
Follow These 5 Quick Steps to Getting Started

  1.  Ensure you have reviewed and accepted the Code of Conduct. This ensures we maintain a professional and respectful environment. 
  2. Spend a few minutes completing your profile - adding a picture, bio, and a little about your program
  3. Ensure to review and set your email preferences. You have the option to receive per community: "Daily Digests", "Real Time" or "No Email". We recommend "Real Time" to start.
  4. Check out all of the available communities and join the communities that work for you. You will have automatically been added to groups relevant to your profile but you can add, edit, or remove as you desire.
  5. Create a post, discuss, collaborate, network, and enjoy!