Due Diligence and Ongoing Monitoring

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    Posted 03-07-2022 01:34 PM
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    I'm looking to connect with someone who oversees procurement or vendor management of a financial institution. I have quite a few questions as I'm in a new growth position within the program I have built and I would love to chat about it with an equivalent in this position.

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    Posted 05-17-2022 01:50 PM
    perhaps I can help? Were a small bank in New York.

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    Posted 05-18-2022 09:00 AM
    Hi Monique,
    My name is Wes Carrington and I oversee the TPRM-VM Program at my large/regional, multi-state community and savings bank.
    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you and others, if you/they are indeed in the same position. 
    Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.
    Thank You,

    W.B. Carrington, MBA, CCIPS, CERP, GRCA, GRCP
    Director of Risk Management

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    Posted 05-19-2022 02:29 PM

    Not sure if you have found your answers yet, but I oversee the VM program for a 2.5B bank here in Alaska.  I have developed what I believe is a decent program that passes muster with Auditors and Examiners alike.  Feel free to call me to discuss.