How to Identify and Develop Third-Party Risk Management Program Metrics

When:  Nov 19, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Online | CPE Credit Eligible
Communicating the value of third-party risk management is important, yet many organizations struggle. The key to success is reviewing and understanding the data. So, what kind of data can help you communicate and measure the effectiveness and benefits of your third-party risk management program? Establishing your program metrics is easier than you might imagine.    
In this webinar, we’ll cover identifying and refining third-party risk management program metrics. You’ll learn how to use those metrics to showcase program effectiveness and efficiency. Join us to get a good grasp on third-party risk management program importance.   
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  • What third-party risk management program metrics are 
  • How to identify third-party risk program metrics  
  • How to measure third-party risk program metrics  
  • Examples of metrics by categories, such as operational and compliance 
  • Key takeaways