How to Continuously Monitor Vendors

When:  Feb 20, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

Online | CPE Credit Eligible 

Continuous monitoring of your vendors is a best practice to keep your organization informed of risks posed throughout the vendor relationship – just because there’s not a vendor issue today, doesn’t mean there won’t be tomorrow. Your organization can be subject to many third-party risks, such as operational, financial, reputation, and more, and these risks change over time. So, continuously monitoring your vendors is crucial to help your organization identify issues and mitigate those before they become too big to handle.  
While there can be challenges associated with continuous monitoring, it’s important to remain focused and committed to the practice. Join us for this session where we will discuss how continuous monitoring improves and benefits your organization.  
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  • Where continuous monitoring fits in the third-party risk management lifecycle 
  • How continuous vendor monitoring protects your organization  
  • Why it's important to develop the appropriate frequency to align with the risk 
  • Specific vendor risk domains to monitor (e.g., cyber, financial, compliance) 
  • Key takeaways 


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