Due Diligence and Ongoing Monitoring

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  • 1.  On-site Due Diligence Checklist for Business Process Outsourcing

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    Posted 15 days ago
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    Hello Community,

    We are trying to setup a governance framework on our Centers of Excellence that includes a periodic on-site due diligence.

    Does any have or can guide me to a periodic on-site Due diligence checklist for Business Process Outsourcing that covers multiple processes.

    Thank you in advance!

  • 2.  RE: On-site Due Diligence Checklist for Business Process Outsourcing

    Posted 10 hours ago


    Vendor on-site visits can be a useful tool as part of initial due diligence or ongoing monitoring. Each on-site visit will be unique depending on the product or service provided and the controls your organization needs to verify.

    From a checklist perspective, starting with these basic categories is a good starting point. For each visit, identify the controls, risk management practices, documents, etc., that you need to review for that specific vendor

    q  Meet with Management Teams and Employees

    q  Review expectations for vendor

    q  Observable controls: Identify the controls you can only verify through in-person observation. Examples include               

    o   Security cameras

    o   Restricted area access management

    o   Employee safety practices and equipment

    o   Health and safety systems

    o   Location and security of server rooms

    o   Clean desk, locked computer

    o   Packing and shipping processes

    o   Compliance with safety codes

    o   Treatment, storage, and end-of-life management for hazardous materials

    o   ADA Accessibility

    q  Data or Documents that can only be viewed in person/on site

    o   Safety certificates or calibration stickers on equipment

    o   Sensitive or confidential plans

    o   Financials

    q  General Observations

    o   Location and security of the facility

    o   Cleanliness and organization of employee workspaces and production areas

    o   Condition and cleanliness of common areas, including meeting rooms,  restrooms, and employee break areas

    o   Condition of furniture, equipment, and tools used by employees

    o   Safety and condition of parking areas

    With these basic categories, your team should be able to build out comprehensive and vendor-specific vendor on-site review checklists. I would love to hear what other members would add to this list.