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About Industry Regulations: It’s always a good idea to keep any eye on the most recent and stringent regulatory guidance to stay compliant and ensure you're doing everything you should in third-party risk management. Regulatory guidance and best practices evolve regularly. Therefore, not only should you be reviewing your own prudential regulator’s guidance, but you should also review other regulatory guidance. This will help ensure you meet industry standards and best practices in third-party risk management.

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  • I just want to add the guidance doesn't state there is no expectation to perform due diligence on third parties subcontractors. You should evaluate the risk to your organization, and apply mitigation as appropriate. For Gene's organization that mitigation ... More

  • In the scenario you describe, I agree. If your platform or solution is required to integrate with another, you should be completing a level of due diligence on them. For example, I would expect security checks, pen tests etc. There should still be a ... More

  • The new Interagency Guidance (FDIC, OCC, Fed) issued in June 23 clarifies that they do not expect us to perform due diligence around our third-party's subcontractors, but expect us to have a very good understanding of what oversight is performed by the ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous I agree that your org has a responsibility to do due diligence where it is allowing any party (whether a third party or a fourth party) access to its core service which in turn potentially ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Thanks for your feedback. I still think it is murky on this issue of responsibility of due diligence as it relates to 3rd party regulations. We have a responsibility to all our customers ... More