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About Industry Regulations: It’s always a good idea to keep any eye on the most recent and stringent regulatory guidance to stay compliant and ensure you're doing everything you should in third party risk management. Regulatory guidance and best practices evolve regularly. Therefore, not only should you be reviewing your own prudential regulator’s guidance, but you should also review other regulatory guidance. This will help ensure you meet industry standards and best practices in third party risk management.

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  • CPRA becomes effective 1/1/23, while CCPA has been effective since 1/1/20. This website has some easier to understand information on CPRA: For service providers or contractors that store or process (nearly all actions fall ... More

  • The process we use to inform the FDIC for select vendors is completing and submitting the attached Notification of Bank Services form found on their website. Cecilia Bastady, CRVPM II Vice President Vendor Risk Officer ... More

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    RE: FDIC Reporting for Select Vendors

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous For additional information refer to FIL-49-99 of June 3, 1999 stating the following: "Section 7(c)(2) of the Bank Service Company Act states that any FDIC-supervised institution that has services ... More

  • This is a true statement. Notification in writing monthly to FDIC with new 3 rd party contracts or relationships with technology service providers that provide certain services. Thank You and Have a Great Day. Kathy ... More

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    FDIC Reporting for Select Vendors

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous I was recently informed by Our Risk Management Officer that the FDIC requires financial institutions to report certain 3rd party vendors to the FDIC. Does anyone have an FIL from the FDIC ... More