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About Third-Party Risk Assessments: The risk assessment process is a fundamental foundation of a well-managed third-party risk program. A disciplined approach and repeatable process can lay a firm basis for better informed due diligence, structured ongoing monitoring, and meaningful impact in mitigating concerns introduced by your organization's third parties. Taking it a step further, understanding how to mitigate inherent vendor risk is crucial to determining if the benefits of the outsourced product or service outweigh the risk posed.

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  • The cadence for also depends on your risk appetite and available resources. In our organization, we have a single risk manager overseeing a growing portfolio of third parties. Risk thresholds are defined by Tiers, with Tier 3 representing moderate risk ... More

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    Low Impact Vendors and Penetration Tests

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous We are a local entity performing our Third Party Risk Assessments based on the category of the system and information. In a recent review, we had push back from a security manager who ... More