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Welcome to the Reporting Community. Here you will find the latest discussions and resources that can help you in this area. This area is dedicated to discussions around what to report on, how often, and any other challenges related to third-party risk reporting. Note: You will need to Sign In to join in the discussions and access resources. 

About Third-Party Risk Reporting: Vendor management reporting to senior management and the board is a regulatory requirement. In fact, it’s a pillar of vendor management. You don’t want to be too specific or too general, so understanding the frequency, format, and what to include in your reports is all important.

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    RE: ESG / DEI reporting and scoring

    Hi Susana, Integrating vendor ESG reporting into your TPRM practice can be challenging and requires a lot of thought and planning. Let's say this isn't a "just do it" project. It will take a lot of collaboration and planning to get off the ground. ... More

  • We're looking to get started on vendor reporting around ESG, tying also into our DE&I goals and mission. Wondering if there are any suggestions on best path to accomplish quick wins, while start evolving on this area. Questions that come to mind, that ... More

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  • Did you this response ? If So can you fwd it me. Even am looking for some thing for DPO in TPRM More

  • I am a bit late to reply, but would love to connect with others in the TPRM space and to join any quarterly round table that is hosted -Prachee Shah, Dyal Capital More

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    RE: RACI Matrix

    Hi, Thanks for the link. But this will not help me to create the full RACI matrix. Am looking for something in detailed from each stakeholder who are in involved in TPRM process. Stakeholders - Information Security , HR , Sourcing team , Business unit ... More