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Contract Clause Resource
0 15 days ago by Joe Ciccone
"Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity" clause
4 27 days ago by Joe Ciccone
Vendor File - Contracts and Due Diligence Retention
5 28 days ago by Joe Ciccone
Original post by Tom Simmons
Indemnification clause
1 29 days ago by Joe Ciccone
Original post by Payal Bhojwani
Model Clauses
8 one month ago by Payal Bhojwani
Original post by Joe Ciccone
"Right to Audit" clause
6 one month ago by heather garnett
Original post by Paul Lusardi
Contract Checklists
2 one month ago by Joe Ciccone
Seeking vendor recommendation - account origination
3 9 months ago by Anonymous Member
Janitorial Services Agreement
0 11 months ago by Josh Bowman
Uncooperative Vendor Pre-Contract
5 one year ago by Anonymous Member
Original post by Tammy Burns
Contract Management Q&A
0 one year ago by Brittany Padgett