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  • 1.  Remote workers Video

    Posted 08-27-2020 03:35 PM

    We are in the middle of implementing Microsoft Teams for our remote workers. We are wondering if we should make video mandatory ? Also what are the advantages of having employee turn their cameras on when attending zoom meetings.how is your company dealing with this ?


  • 2.  RE: Remote workers Video

    Posted 09-09-2020 06:08 PM
    Here are my thoughts and things to consider:
    What is the purpose behind making video mandatory?  Is it being used as authentication that you are speaking to who you think you are speaking to? Maybe to make sure they aren't in their PJ's?

    Small zoom meetings it makes sense to have everyone have their camera on, otherwise it could have been a phone call.  
    With larger meetings with more than 6 or 8 people its starts to be cumbersome to have everyone cameras on.  This can be due to the bandwidth of the participants, turning off cameras to help keep the meeting from lagging is beneficial. Or maybe a screen is being shared, and at that point does it matter if their camera is on?

    It comes down to the reasons your company wants to have cameras and your use policy for them.  Good Luck!

  • 3.  RE: Remote workers Video

    Posted 09-11-2020 09:15 AM
    ​Without directly answering the question about whether or not you should make it mandatory, we've rolled out Teams and I can share that video elevates the call experience and level of connectedness. Its easy for people to get distracted with emails and multitask when there is no accountability that others can see you. People tend to be more engaged and focus on the conversation at hand when they can be seen by others. Depending on your company culture and the type of meeting there is background functionality which provides a fun element that also enhances engagement across team members. My team does not use it for every call but have established some norms such as team meetings and 1:1's where it is highly encouraged. Best of luck in your Teams journey!

  • 4.  RE: Remote workers Video

    Posted 09-11-2020 10:37 AM
    It should be whatever people are comfortable with in my opinion.  My team uses MS Teams extensively and we sometimes have cameras on.  Some people have less broadband width than others and feel that having their camera on can slow things down.

    When we have team meetings most put their cameras on whilst some don't. It's not mandatory.  I'm not convinced that when people are in their own home environment should be forced to do so, unless it was a condition of working from home (when working from home becomes a choice).

  • 5.  RE: Remote workers Video

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    Posted 09-11-2020 11:03 AM
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    I agree with the previous poster about keeping it optional where possible. There are a lot of articles out there now about how video meetings are more mentally exhausting than in-person meetings because our brains have to work harder to process non-verbal cues, we see ourselves on camera, etc. This is true for me, but I also work with several people who really enjoy seeing people even if it adds nothing to a conversation which really could have been done by phone. I let my team choose individually for the every day meetings, but formal meetings where we are voting, etc. are on-camera. ​