About the Community

About the Community
The Third Party ThinkTank Community was launched on September 10, 2019 by Venminder to provide professionals who are working in third party risk a dedicated space to network, collaborate and stay educated.
The Importance of Third Party Risk Management
Professionals working in third party risk ensure the right steps are taken to protect their organizations from vendor risks and avoid costly regulatory enforcement actions. While risk comes in many forms - a good third party risk management program can help address financial, reputation, credit, operational risk and much more during the business lifecycle. 

Community Features

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Check out the latest Trending Discussions to keep current on your peers challenges. You can also help answer your peers unanswered questions on the Unanswered Discussion page. View the Latest Discussions for the most current posts in the community.


Visit the Learning Center – Check out the largest collection of educational material on third party risk. There’s a library filled with various downloadable resources, live webinars to register for, a glossary of third party risk terms, podcasts, videos and more. In addition, we're excited to announce that come early 2020, we’ll be adding a third party risk Academy where you will be able to take self paced eLearning courses and get certified!

discussion.pngJoin a Community – There are three different categories of communities to join. The categories include:

  1. Topic Communities – You may or may not work in all areas of third party risk. Join the Topic Communities that suit you. We have groups for contracts, infosec, risk assessments and more.
  2. Special Interest Communities – These are discussions for specific types of programs based on maturity or size. They consist of Small-Midsize and Mature/Complex Programs.
  3. Product Community – Today, this area is reserved for Venminder Users only. If you are a customer of Venminder, you will be added to this group automatically.
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policy.pngRead the Code of Conduct – Ensure you know the rules and expectations of this space to avoid any issues.
Have any community-related questions? See if the FAQ page has the answer. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to the community team via the Contact page.