Vendor Onboarding: Starting Vendor Relationships Right (Intermediate)

When:  Jul 11, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Online | CPE Credit Eligible
The onboarding process is the crucial first step in any vendor relationship, as it sets the foundation for managing the vendor and their risks throughout the partnership.  
What are the key components of an effective onboarding process? How should organizations plan for vendor relationships and assess their risks? When and how should due diligence be conducted, and what information and documents should be gathered from vendors? How can contracts be used to manage risks and ensure optimal vendor performance? Join us for this webinar to learn all about vendor onboarding. 
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  • The importance of effective vendor onboarding 
  • Planning for and risk assessing third-party relationships 
  • The role of vendor due diligence and its components 
  • What to consider while negotiating a vendor contract 
  • Key takeaways