Vendor Exit Strategies and Plans: Managing the Offboarding Process Safely and Effectively (Intermedi

When:  Jul 25, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Online | CPE Credit Eligible | Intermediate 

Vendor relationships can end for many reasons. Your organization’s needs may have changed, you are looking for a new vendor who better aligns with your strategic goals, or your current vendor is no longer meeting your service level requirements.   

Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to have your vendor exit strategies in place before vendor termination. Knowing how you will approach the product or service being provided by the terminated vendor is only part of the challenge. Your organization also needs a realistic and achievable exit plan to ensure that the relationship is wound down safely and soundly. 

Join us for this webinar, where we’ll identify the purpose of exit strategies and exit plans and cover the essential offboarding activities every organization should consider before terminating a vendor relationship.   

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  • What an exit strategy is and when/how to identify one
  • What an exit plan should include
  • Important considerations 
  • Contingency plans and why they're important to have in place
  • Essential offboarding activities
  • Key takeaways