How to Classify Who Is a Critical Vendor

When:  Aug 9, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
CPE Credit Eligible

Do you know which of your vendors are genuinely critical to your organization? Does your organization have clear criteria for identifying them? Regulators, auditors and best practices require identifying your organization's critical vendors. So, it's a great time to confirm your methodology or consider a change if you aren't on the right track. 

Join us for an essential discussion on critical vendors, including identifying your critical vendors and how to treat them once identified. We'll explore the critical conundrum of risk vs. impact and how to articulate the difference for your stakeholders.

Register now to learn: 
  • Why critical is such a big deal
  • Risk vs. Impact
  • The questions to determine criticality
  • What to do once you've determined critical/non-critical
  • The process of identifying criticality by walking through a sample vendor lists (feel free to have your vendor list close by) 
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