From Data to Action: A Practical Guide to Interpreting and Utilizing Third-Party Risk Management Pro

When:  Dec 3, 2024 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Online | CPE Credit Eligible
A successful third-party risk management program should be capable of demonstrating its effectiveness and value to the organization. Program metrics are the tools that can assist you in achieving this aim. But, once you have identified your third-party risk management program metrics, what comes next?
How can you utilize those metrics to tell a compelling story, and identify program risks for mitigation? How do you know if you are analyzing the right data points? What if a particular metric isn't working or needs to be adjusted?   
Join us for this intermediate level session where we will address how to effectively analyze, utilize, recalibrate, and evolve third-party risk management program metrics.
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  • Telling the right story with third-party risk management metrics 
  • Rightsizing or recalibrating your third-party risk metrics 
  • Incorporating stakeholder feedback 
  • Aligning your third-party risk metrics with organizational goals and strategies 
  • Defining the actions to take when third-party risk metrics aren't within acceptable thresholds