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  • 1.  Retention Periods

    Posted 05-04-2023 04:41 PM

    Looking for feedback of what others have built into their procedures for retention on annual collection of documents.  How long do you retain that information for by procedure?  

  • 2.  RE: Retention Periods

    Posted 05-17-2023 11:32 AM

    Your vendor records retention times should follow your organization's data and records retention policies.

    Exceptions would be made for

    ·         any data or documents that by legal agreement must be destroyed or returned by a specific date

    ·         data or documents subject to legal holds for litigation or other lawful purposes

    ·         data that must be retained longer for audit purposes

    My best recommendation is to work directly with the team responsible for your organization's data and records retention policy to ensure you comply with those requirements. And to discuss and formally document any exceptions.

    I hope that helps, but I would like to know how other members handle vendor document retention.