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  • 1.  Off boarding Process Flow

    Posted 04-12-2023 12:22 AM


    Need help in building the process flow for Vendor offboarding, Could anyone in this group help me in this.

    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Off boarding Process Flow

    Posted 04-20-2023 02:15 PM

    I don't have a flow per se, but I do have this section out of my VM Procedure that may help:


    [Company] may terminate third-party relationships for various reasons, including:

    • Expiration or satisfaction of the contract

    • Desire to seek an alternate third party

    • Desire to bring the activity in-house or discontinue the activity

    • Breach of contract

    Management will ensure that relationships terminate in an efficient manner, whether the activities are transitioned to another third party or in-house or are discontinued. In the event of contract default or termination, [Company] will bring the service in-house if there are no alternate third parties. 

    [Company] must develop a termination plan that will cover, as applicable:

    • Capabilities, resources, and the time frame required to transition the activity while still managing legal, regulatory, customer, and other impacts that might arise

    • Risks associated with data retention and destruction, information system connections and access control issues, or other control concerns that require additional risk management and monitoring during and after the end of the third party relationship

    • Handling of joint intellectual property developed during the course of the arrangement

    • Reputational risks to [Company] if the termination happens as a result of the third party's inability to meet expectations

    • Legal offboarding, i.e. documentation that sufficiently provides, to the extent required, notice of termination and confirmation of termination, as well as any other obligations (i.e. destruction of confidential information, etc)

    [Company] Management must ensure that both the Vendor Management and Legal Departments are brought in to ensure a smooth termination.  For one reason, the extent and flexibility of termination rights may vary with the type of activity and legal counsel's advice should be sought.

    Note:  When transitioning to a new third party, the third party must be treated in accordance with the [Company VM] Policy and this Procedure.