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  • 1.  Communication

    Posted 02-19-2023 02:13 AM

    Hi all,

    Need to send a email to all stakeholders & bussiness sponsor that TPRM policy is going live soon.

    Need a help if anyone have a sample email or picture which is self explantory. Thanks for your support.



  • 2.  RE: Communication

    Posted 02-24-2023 01:52 PM

    For any internal changes, there are considerations to factor, including lead time, notice, and an opportunity to ask questions.

    When an email communication will be disseminated to all internal stakeholders and business sponsor that a new TPRM Policy is being rolled out, there are a couple approaches:

    Employ your Change Management team (if one is available in your organization)

                This team will provide visibility for the change, hold a WebEx or team call, provide an opportunity for feedback from the audience.

    Send an email to your internal stakeholders that provides sufficient notice of the upcoming change with important key pieces of information,

    such as:

      • Reasons for the change
      • Key date or dates when the implementation will occur
      • Scope of work affected – provide a RACI chart, for example
      • Any systems or reporting that will be impacted
      • Make a link to the document available for reference
    1. Host a live internal stakeholder call to ensure all internal stakeholders are aware and engaged in the change
      1. Make a recording for those unable to attend about the rollout

    Provide time for your internal stakeholders to read the new policy, realize what the policy may require of them, and give an opportunity to field live questions to the stakeholders if there are any questions or concerns in order to avoid issues when the policy is live.  Because a policy affects different stakeholders and their responsibilities, keep a running list of questions with answers accessible to internal stakeholders.  Posting a the running of questions and answers would help stakeholders who are not able to attend all of the calls be aware of the discussion and will help the TPRM governance staff maintain consistency of the answers they provide.

    Changes can be tricky, but with sufficient time and planning, you can reduce pushback.

    I'd be interested to hear what others think.